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Chanelle Wray

Position: Director/Solicitor, Duty Solicitor

Date of Admission: 03.07.2006

About Chanelle

Chanelle is a Director and Solicitor within the firm and Supervisor of the Crime Team.


Chanelle is a well-experienced Crime Solicitor-Advocate; she is both a Court and Police Station Duty Solicitor. 


Chanelle obtained her Law Degree from King’s College, University of London in 2004 and then went on to complete her training contract with the firm and qualified as a Solicitor in 2006. Her skill and abilities as a lawyer were immediately recognised and so she was made Partner early on into her career only 2 years after she qualified. Chanelle has been an important member of the team and has remained with the firm since then; she therefore has a real understanding of the firm’s operations, culture and ethos.


Chanelle frequently represents clients at police stations and magistrate courts. She has had conduct of numerous high-profile matters including homicides, serious violent assaults, large scale conspiracies, drug trafficking and importation, money laundering and Proceeds of Crime and serious sexual offences. Despite her experience, she is happy to represent clients charged with lower-level crimes, such as theft, drug possession, motoring offences and public disorder; as she recognises that each client’s case is important and so works just as diligently on those matters to achieve the best possible results.


In addition to representing clients charged with proceedings brought by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Chanelle regularly represents clients being investigated by or who have already been charged with regulatory offences brought by agencies such as Local Authorities, HMRC, Health and Safety Executive, National Crime Agency, etc; these offences include Benefit Fraud, investigations of serious accidents within the workplace, and various serious organised crime offences.


Chanelle is a well-respected Solicitor-Advocate who is known for her wide legal knowledge and attention to detail. Chanelle has excellent client care skills and treats each case with diligence and thoughtfulness. She recognises that each client finds the process of being subject to criminal proceedings a very difficult and stressful experience and so she strives to secure the best possible outcome for each one of them. She is frequently successful in her written representations to the prosecution; meaning many of her client’s cases are discontinued before coming to trial, particularly when concerning clients with mental health difficulties and also youths.

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